7 Advantages of Retiring in Spain

At Spanish Legal Homes, we’ve helped over 10,000 clients find their dream home in Spain. Some of those were looking for the perfect relocation for their whole family, whereas others were looking for a sunny getaway property to enjoy holidays in. Many, however, were seeking that ideal Spanish property to finally settle down and enjoy their retirement in. In fact, according to research from The Daily Express, Spain is ranked the #1 country in the world for retirement!

There’s no doubt that retiring in Spain is one of the top choices for Brits looking to relocate to a warmer climate. But what is it that makes Spain such a wonderful country to retire to? Take a look at some of our top reasons….

The weather

We know it’s an obvious one – but the lure of an average of 320 days of annual sunshine and temperatures rarely dropping below 20C is hard to turn down. This can be a huge driving factor for those looking into retiring in Spain, especially if that means getting away from the UK’s unpredictable, wet weather.

Gone are the days of slipping on icy grounds, getting caught in a sudden downpour, or never knowing if you need to take an umbrella with you everywhere you go! Of course, Spain isn’t immune to the odd rain shower but when they do happen, they’re typically short and usually forecast.

The health benefits

It’s no secret that warmth and sunshine can do wonders for your mood, skin and overall wellness, but did you know that the Spanish climate has its own even more impressive health benefits?

Spain’s climate has been described by the World Health Organisation as ‘near-perfect an environment as it is possible to obtain’. This has led to an overwhelming number of cases where people over 60 who moved to Spain have found that their arthritis and asthma symptoms have eased, if not disappeared completely!

Not only this, but the extra Vitamin D that your skin absorbs from the Spanish sunlight can lead to lower risk of heart disease, chronic pain, mental health illnesses and even cancer. Plus, with such fantastic scenery, sports facilities and sightseeing opportunities, keeping active and getting out and about is easier than ever.

To learn more, read our article on the surprising health benefits of living in Spain.

The food

In our opinion, Mediterranean cuisine is second to none. Not only did the Bloomberg Report note this as one of the contributing factors to Spain officially being the healthiest country on the planet, but the taste simply can’t be beaten.

Those retiring in Spain will be able to benefit from the freshest fruit, vegetables and fish from the local markets and meat from the top class butchers. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to see how much cheaper it costs when compared to the pre-packaged foods that we’re used to buying from the UK supermarkets!

Low property prices

For those looking to retire in Spain, the low property prices can be a huge driving factor. It’s no secret that for many people their pension doesn’t stretch very far in the UK, especially with the almost inevitable annual tax increases.

In Spain, you may be surprised to see the type of property you could get for your money. Where in many counties in the UK, you may be limited to a 1 or 2 bedroom flat whereas in areas such as Costa Blanca or Murcia you may be able to get a bungalow, townhouse or even villa! For more information on property prices, read our guide to Costa Blanca or Murcia property prices.

Reduced living costs

It’s not just the property prices themselves that are low, but the average household retiring in Spain will benefit from lower annual living costs too. In fact, the cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in Western Europe.

Because of the warm climate, there’s always plenty of ‘in season’ fruit and veg that can be picked up at low cost, just like the meat. It is perfectly possible to eat well, whilst spending very little. Even if you prefer to dine out, when you know where to go, a wonderful meal for two with wine could set you back as little as €30!

With many properties in Spain now being built to extremely high eco-friendly standards, you can also expect to see reduced electricity, gas and water bills too.

Transport links

Unless you’re looking to retire to the depths of the Spanish countryside, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find yourself far from excellent transport links. The bus services in Spain are convenient and frequent, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the local area or neighbouring communities with ease.

If you choose a property in Costa Blanca, Murcia or Costa del Sol, you’re also never far from an airport. With regular, inexpensive flights (sometimes as low as £20 for a return ticket!) to and from the UK, your friends and family will be able to visit you, and vice versa, even just for a weekend. This means that you’re never far from those you love.

The healthcare

We understand that this could be a big concern for those looking to retire to Spain. After all, the UK’s NHS isn’t to be taken for granted. Thankfully, Spain has a state-funded public healthcare system just like in the UK! If you live in Spain and are either retired or working, the vast majority of healthcare is completely free of charge. Or, if you’d prefer, there are plenty of exceptional private healthcare options available to you.

Spain has a large, high-quality network of hospitals and healthcare practices across the country, meaning that you’ll never be far from assistance should you require it. It’s worth knowing that Spain is considered to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, so your health during your retirement is in safe hands.

Retiring in Spain

We understand that leaving the familiarity of the UK to retire in Spain is a huge commitment, but we hope that some of the advantages above have helped to put your mind at ease. If you have any questions, our friendly team would be more than happy to help answer them. You can call us on 01202 971614.

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