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10 reasons to choose a Murcia golf property

10 reasons to own a Murcia Golf Property

If you love golf and Spain, why not bring the two together? Owning a Murcia golf property is more than just a house, it’s a lifestyle. With so many complimentary benefits of owning a property on a golf course, we thought it would be helpful to whittle down our top 10 reasons why you should… Read more »


Why you need a Murcia property

A-Z of Murcia – Why you need a Murcia property!

We love what Murcia has to offer and especially the vast amount of beautiful Murcia property available! Also known as Costa Calida or the ‘Warm Coast’, the area encompasses all the benefits of the Spanish lifestyle whilst being affordable! Benefits of owning a property in Murcia We’ve pulled together our A-Z of Murcia – we… Read more »


A guide to living in Torrevieja - Costa Blanca property

A Guide to Living in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is bigger than you may think… With a coastline of over 200 km, which is the equivalent of Birmingham to Leeds, there are a lot of areas to choose from! Costa Blanca, also known as the ‘White Coast’, is full of great entertaining towns and coastal areas that offer many benefits, from restaurants,… Read more »


Our guide to living in Estepona

Our Guide to Living in Estepona

We recently wrote an article for A Place in the Sun which is all about the beautiful area of Estepona! A Guide to Living in Estepona When you think of Costa del Sol, well-known resorts such as Malaga, Marbella and Puerto Banus may come to mind. Costa del Sol is actually far bigger than most property hunters realise and includes a… Read more »


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Spain is the healthiest place to live in Europe!

Top 10 reasons to buy Spanish properties. In case you needed more to convince you to move to Spain, here are our top reasons to buy Spanish property. 1. High life expectancy – Recent data from the OECD has shown that Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe and the second highest in the world!… Read more »