Murcia property – a guide to the highlights of the region

Murcia is a beautiful sun-soaked city on the south east coast of Spain. In contrast to the fast-paced lifestyle of Costa del Sol, those who own Murcia property tend to enjoy a more laid back, relaxed way of living. Because of this, Murcia is still a firm favourite for Brits looking to find their dream […]

Property in Costa del Sol – a guide to the ‘Coast of the Sun’

Located along the south coast of Spain, and with a name meaning ‘Coast of the Sun’, Costa del Sol is one of the most popular locations in the world for Brits. In fact, there are currently over 300,000 Brits calling Costa del Sol home. If you’re just beginning your research into property in Costa del […]

The benefits of owning a Costa Blanca property on the beach

Located along the South coast of Spain in the Alicante province, Costa Blanca’s name literally translates as ‘White Coast’. If you’re yet to visit the beaches for yourself, the name should give you a good indication of what you can expect to find! The superb white sandy beaches stretch for over 200km, giving visitors and […]

House prices in Spain – a property price guide by region

If you’re just beginning your search for your dream Spanish home, we know that one of the key questions that you’ll be asking is ‘what are the house prices in Spain?’. The answer is that, like anywhere, house prices in Spain can vary greatly. However, the different regions do often have house prices that fall […]

Property for sale in Southern Spain – which regions are right for you?

If you are in the researching phase of your Spanish property search, you may be overwhelmed with the number of areas you have to choose from. From a slice of luxury on the Costa del Sol to the sociable regions on the Costa Blanca, there truly is a suitable property for sale in southern Spain […]

Guide to finding your ideal houses for sale in Spain on the beach

Finding your ideal houses for sale in Spain on the beach can be one of life’s most enjoyable and exciting experiences. Although buying an overseas property can seem challenging, with the help of a reputable Spanish property agent, finding your ideal house in Spain should be a breeze. At Spanish Legal Homes, we have helped […]

10 reasons to own a Murcia Golf Property

If you love golf and Spain, why not bring the two together? Owning a Murcia golf property is more than just a house, it’s a lifestyle. With so many complimentary benefits of owning a property on a golf course, we thought it would be helpful to whittle down our top 10 reasons why you should […]

A-Z of Murcia – Why you need a Murcia property!

We love what Murcia has to offer and especially the vast amount of beautiful Murcia property available! Also known as Costa Calida or the ‘Warm Coast’, the area encompasses all the benefits of the Spanish lifestyle whilst being affordable! Benefits of owning a property in Murcia We’ve pulled together our A-Z of Murcia – we […]

A Guide to Living in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is bigger than you may think… With a coastline of over 200 km, which is the equivalent of Birmingham to Leeds, there are a lot of areas to choose from! Costa Blanca, also known as the ‘White Coast’, is full of great entertaining towns and coastal areas that offer many benefits, from restaurants, […]