How to choose your Spanish estate agents

Buying a property in Spain should be an enjoyable journey. A new dream home in Spain can be life changing for you, your family and friends. Although buying Spanish property can seem daunting, the process can be smooth, exciting and enjoyable with the support of expert Spanish estate agents.

Find your ideal Spanish estate agents

Finding the right Spanish estate agents is a key step in the journey to purchasing your ideal property.

To help you choose the best Spanish estate agents, we have pulled together key questions that can help you decide whether a prospective agent is the right choice for you:

Do they understand your unique needs and only show you properties that match your requirements?

Are you looking to retire to Spain? Perhaps you are looking for a holiday home for you, your friends and family. You may be looking for an investment opportunity. Not only is it important for you to be clear on why you want to buy a property in Spain, your Spanish estate agents should also take care to get a clear understanding of your motives.

It’s important for your estate agent to understand what type of property you’re looking for and the key features you require. Some features may be essential, such as easy ground floor access or being close to transport links, other features may be desirable, such as a private swimming pool or a roof terrace. Your estate agents should take the time to understand your requirements and have the expertise, experience and property portfolio to show you a range of properties that meet your needs. Read more tips on choosing the right Spanish property.

Do they have real local knowledge and experience of the local property market?

You will have lots of things to think about during your property search. An experienced Spanish property agent should make things easier and be on hand to help with whatever you need assistance with.

Whether you want advice on what’s available in the area for your friends or family, local shops and amenities, or what the prospects are for the local property market over the next few years, estate agents with real local knowledge can provide the insights you need to make good decisions. Spanish Legal Homes have one of the widest range of properties available in Southern Spain. Learn more about our favourite regions in Southern Spain with our area guides.

In addition to being your inside track during the property search, a reputable agent will be there in the weeks and months following your purchase, providing an excellent after-sales service. At Spanish Legal Homes, our clients have access to our award-winning after-sales team.

Do they make it easy for you to view the property?

Found a Spanish property online that you like? Be sure you go to Spain and see it before you hand over a deposit! Simply viewing images of a property isn’t enough to get a true understanding. Commonly, properties are slightly different to how they appear online. It’s also not possible to get a clear picture of the location and what’s around.

Your Spanish estate agents should make it easy for you to go to Spain and view the property in-person. Spanish Legal Homes are leading UK providers of Spanish property viewing trips. We provide weekly viewing trips to Spain, to view 8 – 10 properties per day that suit your requirements, so you can get a real feel for the property’s location, size and character. With a £99 viewing trip you can decide if the property truly is for you!

Do they have access to other expert advisors?

A reputable Spanish estate agent should have access to a network of property professionals, whose services are required to complete the process of purchasing the property.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Spanish property market, Spanish Legal Homes have established relationships with the essential professionals involved in the buying process, including solicitors, financial advisors, reputable developers, main promoters, land agents and valuers.

A qualified solicitor is essential in the process of buying a property that is both legal and legitimate. The Spanish Legal Homes team introduce our clients to English speaking solicitors specialising in property. It simply isn’t worth taking the risk of not getting the right professional advice!

Will they only show you properties that are 100% legal?

At Spanish Legal Homes, we are proud of our record of every client receiving their Full Deeds (Escitura), with over 10,000 properties successfully purchased. Our thorough due diligence ensures that our practice is safe for buyers; in over 30 years of operation, we have never had a case of litigation. Your Spanish estate agents should be fastidious in doing the due diligence required to only show you properties which are 100% legal to buy.

Since 1985, Spanish Legal Homes have helped over 10,000 happy clients safely purchase a home in Spain

How can they help you arrange financing?

Your Spanish estate agents should have the experience, expertise and contacts to advise on, and offer, a full range of options to finance your purchase. UK buyers generally have the option to finance their purchase using either Spanish or UK financing methods, which can include:

  • Both secured and unsecured UK loans
  • Spanish mortgages
  • Remortgaging on UK property
  • Equity release on UK property

UK financing is often quicker to arrange and ensures your finances are in place ahead of going out on a viewing trip in Spain. On the other hand, a Spanish mortgage may enable you to offset weaker Pound Sterling. When the value of the Pound increases, you can choose to pay off your mortgage without penalties!

Your estate agents should provide advice on the best financing option for you, your circumstances and according to the state of the market at that time. Spanish Legal Homes also offer exclusive financing options to our clients.

In our 30+ years’ experience in property, we have helped over 10,000 buyers purchase a property in Spain.

Are they members of AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals)?

As a registered AIPP property agent, we must ensure that all of the appropriate paperwork is completed. We are also obliged to ensure that you have suitable legal representation and that you have the necessary finances in place to receive your Full Deeds (Escitura), after the purchase is successfully completed.

Why choose Spanish Legal Homes as your Spanish estate agents

The friendly and experienced Spanish Legal Homes team have worked in the Spanish property market for many years and will ensure your property purchase goes smoothly. Read our testimonials to hear what our many past clients have to say.

If you looking to start your Spanish property buying journey, please get in touch with our expert team. Ask us your Spanish property queries, we put absolutely no pressure on you.

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