Why choose Spanish properties?

5 reasons to choose Spanish properties


Everybody dreams of owning a place in the sun that they can call home. Some people would like to move abroad for good, retiring in the sun. Others fantasise about being able to hop on a plane to get away from the dreary British weather at the drop of a hat.

If you choose Spanish properties, both of those desires can become reality! This post will outline 5 great reasons why you should buy Spanish property in Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca.

1. Family & friends – If you decide to buy Spanish property, you will own a home that can become a regular holiday destination for your parents, children, grandchildren and friends. Being able to spend time abroad with your loved ones is a very enjoyable part of life.
2. Healthy place to live – A number of factors contribute to these areas of Spain being some of the healthiest places to live. Good weather all year round can help ease aches and pains, and the availability of fresh Mediterranean produce means your diet will be full of goodness! The lifestyle is known for being incredibly laid back, relaxing into a slower way of life is what most people dream of in this age of constant busy hustle and bustle.
3. Useful asset – If you buy Spanish property as a holiday home rather than a permanent residence, you may decide to rent it out. If it’s just going to be uninhabited whilst you’re not there, you may want to investigate the possibility of renting your holiday home. This can bring in a decent amount of money which is never a bad thing!
4. Great infrastructure – A lot of people want to retire abroad but are often put off by the uncertainty of their health and the struggles they may encounter in old age. If you choose Spanish properties there is no reason to be worried about the health care service, in Spain it is brilliant! It is also very easy to get around and if you do need to return to the UK it is only a 2-3 hour flight!

5. Your money goes further – Not only is Spanish property excellent value, living costs are also less than in the UK. This means that you have more cash to enjoy your time in the sun, food is cheap and of a fantastic quality. The taste of the local produce is unbeatable thanks to being grown in a sun-drenched climate.

If you are interested in finding out more about Spanish properties or would like to know more about the processes of buying property in Spain, we can help!

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