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Things to consider when searching Spanish properties for sale

Searching for a property in Spain?

Whether you want to retire in Spain, start afresh, make an investment or use the property as a holiday home, there are some important items to consider when searching for your Spanish property.

We’ve pulled together some key points for you to keep in mind when searching for Spanish properties for sale.

Arrange your finances first

Before you start looking, we recommend your finances are organised so you know what you can afford. Finding a Spanish property can be time consuming but having a suitable budget in place will help you manage your search and act quickly if required.

When planning your budget it’s important to understand the deposit, legal fees and taxes that will be required to complete your Spanish property purchase.

Our UK based financial advisors can offer guidance on the costs to buy in Spain and unbiased advice and support on sourcing funding in the UK or Spain. Areas our team advise on include; UK and Spanish mortgages, re-mortgages, equity release, secured and unsecured loans.

Know what you want from your Spanish property

Now you know your budget; deciding what you want from a property will significantly help in focusing your search.

Firstly, we would recommend thinking about the area you would like to live in. Here’s a rundown of the most popular areas:

Then think about the principal uses of the property. For example, if it is intended for retirement, you may want to be close to local transport and amenities. Alternatively, if it’s used as a holiday home or rental property, you may want a private pool.

Other key considerations should include type of property for sale e.g. villa, apartment or bungalow, the number of bedrooms, proximity to the beach & local amenities and whether you’d like a new build property or resale.


Ensure you have the right legal guidance

Legal advice and guidance are a necessity when buying property, especially abroad. It is your responsibility to ensure the legal guidance you receive throughout the process is accurate and compliant.

At Spanish Legal Homes, we are proud to say that in over 10,000 sales, we have never had a case of litigation.

Spanish Legal Homes can help you

Want to find your dream home in Spain? Our expert team can help make the process simple and stress-free. We can help with paperwork, searching for properties and more. Get in touch with our team today on 01202 971614 or email

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