Costa Blanca property – putting the spotlight on Torrevieja

Costa Blanca is home to the popular seaside city of Torrevieja, which was historically known as a salt-mining and fishing village. Over time, we’ve noticed it evolve into one of the most in-demand locations for Spanish property, with more of our clients than ever looking to invest in the area.

Costa Blanca properties are almost guaranteed blue skies and sun with an average of 320 days of sunshine each year, making it the perfect year-round resort. You can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle as well as the natural benefits the region has to offer. This article puts the spotlight on Torrevieja property, and why it’s in such high demand.

The Best of Torrevieja

It’s difficult to highlight all the benefits of purchasing a Torrevieja property, but we’ve tried to pick out a few that we think stand out!

Everything you need is on your doorstep

Anything you could possibly want or need to comfortably move to a Spanish property is in Torrevieja! This includes banks, a town hall and leisure centres, for those who are interested in sports. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, at either the local malls or the large street markets that are open every Friday morning, perfect for grabbing fresh fruits and vegetables.

There’s no need to worry about travel, as any Torrevieja property will be within easy reach of the two local airports; one in Alicante and the other in Murcia. In addition, If you decide not to bring a car with you to your Spanish Property, local buses have regular daily services to most of the major local towns and airports surrounding the city.

With so much going on in Torrevieja, it can easily be forgotten that it is, essentially, a Spanish town and although it welcomes many new international residents each year, it still has Spanish lifestyle at its core and celebrates the traditional Spanish activities like fiestas. So if you’re looking for something more traditional, Torrevieja may still be a perfect choice!

Even with such an idyllic location, property prices in Torrevieja remain extremely reasonable. We recommend that those interested in buying in this area have a budget starting from £100K. You’ll be surprised at the variety of quality Costa Blanca properties available around this price!

Enjoy the stunning beaches

Costa Blanca, also known as the ‘White Coast’, has a variety of stunning beaches, including those in Torrevieja, that residents can choose to enjoy. Whether you want a secluded bay, or a busy, activity-packed beach the region will have something for everyone.

The most famous beach is Playa La Cura beach as it’s located in the city centre and close to many Spanish properties. It’s in a great location just North of the marina, and the pedestrianised promenade is perfect for long evening walks. Like most beaches in Torrevieja, there are dozens of beach bars dotted around, so you’re never far away from a cool, refreshing drink. It’s easy to spend a full day there with so much choice for dining out or entertainment after a hard day’s sunbathing on the white sandy shores.

Another popular choice for Spanish residents is La Mata beach, which really has the wow factor and is the perfect place for lovers of long, golden sandy beaches. La Mata is the biggest beach in Torrevieja stretching for 2,363 metres in length and 47 metres wide. This means it tends to not feel overly crowded, even in the summer months. There’s no fear of getting bored either as La Mata beach has eight volleyball pitches, one beach football pitch and pedal boats to try, making it a perfect day outside of your Spanish property.

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Torrevieja has the healthiest climate in Europe

Torrevieja’s climate is medically considered extremely healthy, due to having the warmest average temperature across Spain, as well as high salt content in the air. The high concentration of salt, paired with the climate forms what experts call a “micro-climate”, which is unique to Costa Blanca and only a few other places in the world! The two largest salt lakes in Europe, named Salinas (which translates to salt lakes), are the cause of the micro-climate, and are why the World Health Organisation (WHO) voted Torrevieja as one of the healthiest places in the world to live!

In addition, swimming in the lakes is believed to treat asthma, improve arthritis, and alleviate skin diseases. Both the lakes’ water and the mud are very rich in minerals, which is why many bathe there. Bathing in the mud that can be found on the lake shore has also been recommended for your skin, joints and general well-being.

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Find your own dream Torrevieja property

This article has only highlighted a few of the benefits of living in Torrevieja property. It truly is one of our favourite cities in Costa Blanca, and one that we highly recommend to our clients looking for a reasonably priced Spanish property in the sunshine.

If Torrevieja sounds like the place for you, we’d be delighted to help you with your property search. To start your Spanish property journey, why not enquire today about booking a Spanish property viewing trip? Our trips cost just £99 per person, and we’ll show you 8-10 Costa Blanca properties per day that match your requirements and budget.

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