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Spanish Legal Homes has a long-standing relationship with A Place in the Sun and as a result, are proud to promote and refer clients to A Place in the Sun Currency as their recommended provider for currency exchange and overseas payment services.

A Place in the Sun Currency is a specialist currency exchange business, established specifically to help British buyers transfer money overseas when buying property.

As a client of Spanish Legal Homes you typically receive cost savings against high-street banks by using A Place in the Sun Currency when buying your Spanish property. Take advantage of competitive rates and outstanding customer service.

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A Place in the Sun Currency

How this service can help you

Even if you are just starting out on your Spanish property search, A Place in the Sun Currency can help by telling you how far your money will go and the type of property you can afford.

Exchange rates are constantly changing and the rates you see on most websites are normally an indication only, otherwise known as the mid-market rate, the rate between the buy and sell price which is not necessarily an obtainable rate.

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By talking to the experts at A Place in the Sun Currency you will have a better understanding of exchange rates, their importance in your property purchase, and how you can protect yourself from fluctuating rates and save money that can then be put towards the other costs of moving.

In the illustration to the left, you could have saved between £2,915 and £5,959 by transferring €150,000 through A Place in the Sun Currency versus some of the leading UK high street banks.

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If you would like more information about currency exchange and foreign payments for purchasing a property in Spain, contact our team on 01202 971614.

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