Living in Costa del Sol

Why people buy Spanish property in Costa del Sol

Many people choose to buy Spanish property, the Costa del Sol region, in particular, is popular with Brits wanting to retire to sunnier surroundings. The name of the area literally translates to Coast of the Sun and with an average of 320 sunny days in a year, the region sitting on the edge of the Mediterranean truly lives up to expectations!

The stunning weather is not the only allure, Costa del Sol has an outstanding blend of modern infrastructure in the form of numerous cities such as the buzzing Málaga, and the unspoiled Spanish culture of peaceful rural villages and endless fields of olives, lemons and oranges nearby.

living in Costa del Sol


Benefits of owning a Spanish property

Aside from the weather and variety of settings, there are other benefits to buying a property in Spain. At the moment the housing prices are relatively low, so now is an excellent time to enter the market. As well as this the living costs are very modest, and with fabulous local produce such as fish from the Med and freshly pressed olive oil at such low prices, you can regularly enjoy some of the world’s finest goods.

Thanks to the popularity of Costa del Sol, the area benefits from modern medical facilities and boasts good transport links, including a high speed train connecting the coastal region with Madrid. These are both crucial aspects when considering an overseas retirement.

Whether you buy a Spanish property so you can permanently move abroad or utilise it as a holiday home, the Costa del Sol truly is a first-rate destination.

Finding a property in Spain

Deciding that you want to move abroad is just the first step, next you must find a suitable Spanish property and ensure that the entire process is legal. The teams at Spanish Legal Homes will assist you every step of the way, offering specialist financial advice to help you through the process and ultimately find your ideal Spanish property.

We highly recommend visiting at least once before purchasing a property in Spain, that’s why we arrange viewing trips for our customers so that you can visit a number of locations in your chosen area to help you select the perfect property.

Spanish Legal Homes have keys and access to over 800 re-sale properties in all price ranges and locations as well as lots of new builds, meaning you have an excellent selection.

To speak to our British experts based in both the UK and Spain please contact 01202 971614 or email

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