Murcia property – a guide to the highlights of the region

Murcia is a beautiful sun-soaked city on the south east coast of Spain. In contrast to the fast-paced lifestyle of Costa del Sol, those who own Murcia property tend to enjoy a more laid back, relaxed way of living. Because of this, Murcia is still a firm favourite for Brits looking to find their dream Spanish property.

However, just because Murcia is known as a city where no one is in a rush (the cathedral took over 300 years to build!), this doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of attractions to explore and enjoy. In this article, we’re listing some of the top reasons why we think that Murcia property remains in such high demand with our clients.

You can immerse yourself in nature

Murcia is unique in having numerous opportunities to get away from built-up areas and spend some time with nature. Those who own property in Murcia can take advantage of the stunning gardens packed with wildlife that can be found in the region.

The Floridablanca Gardens are Murcia’s oldest, and attract plenty of residents all year round. They are particularly popular in the summer where you can take advantage of lazing underneath their huge, centuries-old ficus trees for some shade from the heat, whilst enjoying the view of the colourful flower beds.

For those looking for a bit more action than relaxing in the beautiful parks, we highly recommend visiting ‘Terra Natura Murcia’ – an extremely popular, well-regarded zoo. This attraction has become famous for its huge enclosures, humane approach to animal care, and focus on conservation. The zoo is home to endangered species such as the European lynx and Iberian wolves, who reside in enclosures that resemble their natural environment as closely as possible. This is a firm favourite day out for families with Murcia property.

To really take things back to nature, there’s nothing that beats packing a picnic for the day, putting your trainers on and exploring the nature trails of the Carrascoy and El Valle Regional Park. Here you can enjoy beautiful mountain views and pine forests. Challenge yourself as much as you want – there are short, tranquil trails to follow, or mountainous hikes in the fresh air. The choice is yours! Either way, if you have a property in Murcia, you definitely won’t feel removed from nature.

Swat up on your history at the city’s many museums

One of the lesser-known hotspots, but one that we think is well worth a visit for those with a Murcia property and an interest in history, is the Murcia Archaeological Museum. You’ll get the chance to see artifacts from the city’s history across all ages – from its Roman heritage, right back to the Iron and Bronze ages. It also hosts regular educational workshops that are great for those with kids who are into history, or those with a keen interest in history themselves!

The Santa Clara la Real Convent Museum is a completely different experience. Located on the site of a Moorish Alcazar (stunning royal palaces) whilst acting as a working convent, this museum offers an intriguing mix of architecture and history. The courtyard features beautifully sculpted arches from Arabic heritage, whilst inside you can see many artifacts from Islamic and Andalusian history.

Pass the time people-watching and enjoying the surroundings

Murcia is perfect for those who want to sit in nice surroundings, perhaps enjoy a drink, some tapas, and pass the day by watching the world go by around them.

Those who own property in Murcia will have undoubtedly spent some time at Plaza de las Flores. This is probably the city’s most beautiful square, in part down to the numerous florists that line the streets, giving the Plaza its name. It’s the perfect spot to sit outside a cafe with a coffee whilst people-watching, and taking in the beautifully designed townhouses around you.

For something a little less low-key, the famous landmark the Real Casino de Murcia is a must visit. Built for and by the city’s wealthy residents as a social club, the architecture and interiors of this building are truly spectacular. Think crystal chandeliers, over the top decorations and an opulent ballroom.

Find your own dream Murcia property

This article has only covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of living in Murcia. It truly is one of our favourite cities along the south coast of Spain, and one that we highly recommend to our clients looking for a reasonably priced home in the Spanish sunshine.

If Murcia sounds like the place for you, we’d be delighted to help you with your property search. Our expert Spanish property agents have helped over 10,000 clients find their home in Spain, many of whom have chosen property in Murcia. To start your Spanish property journey, why not enquire today about booking a Spanish property viewing trip. Our trips cost just £99 per person, and we’ll show you 8-10 Murcia properties per day that match your requirements and budget.

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