Our top three benefits of investing in Spanish property

Spanish property investments come with a plethora of benefits. Whether you’re looking at Spanish properties for retirement, to share with your whole family or simply as a holiday home, the advantages of having a home in Spain are undeniable.

Take a look at our top three benefits that you can expect to take advantage of when you purchase your dream Spanish property.

Enjoying the Spanish weather

We’re sure it is no surprise to you that the weather you can expect to enjoy in Spain is on this list. It’s well documented, but always worth mentioning! At Spanish Legal Homes, our properties are located along the south coast of Spain where you can take advantage of an average of 320 days of sunshine a year!

With the unpredictability of the UK weather, it’s no wonder that this is one of the key factors that motivates our clients to buy property in Spain. As mentioned in our previous blog post, Spain is home to numerous beautiful Blue Flag beaches that you can visit to soak up the sun, or why not invest in a home with its own pool or terrace and do the same from the comfort of your own Spanish property?

During the summer months, for example in Costa Blanca, rainfall averages are lower than 10mm, and even in the wettest month of November, rainfall rarely rises above 40mm. To put this into perspective, rainfall for the UK averages at 885mm per year, which works out at 133 days of rain!

The warmth and sunshine of the Spanish climate are not only fantastic for enjoying the outdoors and soaking up rays, but it also does wonders for your health. This brings us onto the next benefit on our list…

The health benefits

People who live in Spain have always boasted of a healthier way of life, but now the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index has backed up this claim by naming Spain as the healthiest country in the world!

Achieving the number one position is no mean feat when up against notoriously healthy competitor countries such as Japan and Italy. The report states that the reason Spain came out on top could be down to eating habits. Countries enjoying a Mediterranean diet were found to have significantly less cases of cardiovascular problems than other countries. In fact, Spain is also forecast to have the highest life expectancy by 2040!

There are numerous medical conditions that have been known to be managed, treated or in some cases even cured by the Spanish climate. Examples include asthma, arthritis, poor mental health, and problems with the autoimmune system. You can read more about the surprising health benefits of the Spanish climate here>>.

There is great potential to make profit with Spanish property

This may be hard to believe when we’re bombarded with negative Brexit news on a daily basis, but the Spanish property market is going from strength to strength. Brexit doesn’t seem to be stopping determined Brits from purchasing their dream homes in Spain, with more Brits than ever purchasing Spanish property.

Tinsa predicts that the Spanish property market is likely to continue to rise by 5% to 7% throughout 2019. The firm predicts that nationwide sales of Spanish properties are likely to increase from 500k in 2018, to between 625k and 650k in 2019.

Despite this, we can understand that it may still be daunting to make the decision to invest abroad during this undecided time. Our friendly team would be happy to discuss any of your concerns and to offer advice and guidance. Contact us here>>.

Another advantageous factor that needs to be considered when investing in Spanish property is the potential rental returns. During the summer months, property in Spain is in high demand from UK holidaymakers hoping to enjoy a week or two of sunshine. If you can spare your home during this time, there will undoubtedly be someone happy to take it off your hands, and pay you fantastic rental rates. This extra income can be used to help pay off your mortgage quicker, or simply be used as extra spending money!

If you’d like to learn more about renting out your Spanish property, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted rental management companies who will ensure that the process runs smoothly for you.

Discover the benefits of owning a Spanish property for yourself

If this article has won you over on the advantages of investing in Spanish property, we’d love to talk to you. To date, we’ve helped over 10,000 happy clients find their dream Spanish properties, and are busier than ever.

Throughout the Spring and Summer, we’re taking bookings for our weekly Spanish property viewing trips for just £99 per person. These one-to-one trips include your return UK flights, hotel accommodation, and all main meals. During the viewing trip, a member of our expert team will also take you to view 8-10 properties per day in your desired locations that match your requirements and budget. To book a trip, or to find out more, simply fill in the contact form found here>>..