Purchasing Property in Murcia

Murcia Properties

Much like the nearby Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, property on the Murcia coastline is highly sought after.

Whether you are looking for a property to use as a holiday home, retire to or alternatively rent out, there is enough variety of property available in the Murcia region to cater for all of these options.


Weather in Murcia

Much like the surrounding areas in this part of Spain, Murcia is well known for its stunning weather all year round. The mediterranean climate brings mild winters and warm summers when the temperature often passes 40°C.

With a property in Murcia, you can easily access sunshine and warmth whenever you want it! The region is easily accessible with flights into San Javier airport, most UK airports will offer cheap flights directly to the region so if you want to head over at short notice it is only a short flight.

Variety within Murcia

The Murcia region has a large stretch of coastline and is also home to the ‘greatest natural lake in Spain’, the Mar Menor. This salt water lagoon has 73 km of coast that consists of sandy beaches, and with the shallow clear water it is a perfect place to relax in the sun.

As well as the luxurious beaches, the region is steeped in history with a number of castles and the capital city of the region, Murcia, is very interesting for those who wish to find out about the culture of this part of Spain.



Murcia Golf Properties

Thanks to the Cordilleras Béticas mountains, much of the land in the Murcia region is rather hilly and therefore ideal for golf courses. It is no surprise that there are numerous stunning courses in the area as well as a wide selection of Murcia golf properties with wonderful views of the land.

Our properties are all 100% legal.

If you are a keen golfer and would like to find out more about properties within the golfing region of Murcia, we can organise property viewing trips where you will be able to visit 8-10 different properties per day.

For further information about our properties in Murcia contact the Spanish Legal Homes team on 01202 971614.