Putting the spotlight on Alicante for Costa Blanca property

As September is coming to an end and we are well and truly into Autumn in the UK, you may be dreaming of the sunny, warm weather that has passed by. If now is the time to find your dream Spanish property, it may be worth considering Costa Blanca. With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, and almost guaranteed blue skies, Costa Blanca property could be the perfect solution for sun-seekers.

This article puts the spotlight on living in Alicante, a popular city on the Costa Blanca coastline, and outlines the historic culture, top beaches, attractions and fiestas, as well as how you could find your dream Spanish property there.

Where is Alicante?

The province of Alicante is located in eastern Spain, situated on the Mediterranean coast in the region of Costa Blanca. The province is bordered by Valencia, Murcia and the Mediterranean Sea.

Alicante is one of the most popular destinations for expats, with many coming to enjoy the beautiful blue flag beaches, all-year sunny climate, delicious cuisine, traditional fiestas and more.

The highlights of Alicante

Revisit history

Above everything, Alicante is most known for its historical heritage and rich Spanish culture.

The largest medieval castle in Spain is the Castle of Santa Barbara, which sits atop a tall mountain in the centre of town. It’ll be hard to miss as it’s a defining part of the Spanish skyline and can be seen from miles away. Whether you choose to take the lift or walk the 160m up to the top, you must make the effort to see the stunning views of Alicante, as well as learn a little more about the history of the area.

If you’ve overdone it in the sun, we suggest you spend some time in the city’s museums, our favourite being the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, as it is free admission and showcases colourful pieces by local artists. We would also recommend the Asegurada Museum which houses paintings by famous artists such as Picasso and Miro.

Discover Barrio

If you’re looking for some culture and want a day out of your Spanish property, visiting the old town of Barrio de la Santa Cruz could be an excellent idea. This beautiful town features cobblestoned narrow streets, coloured houses and a lively nightlife scene. We recommend you ask for the towns local wines at dinner as it perfectly complements most traditional Spanish cuisine. It has also been said that drinking in Alicante is pretty reasonably priced compared to elsewhere in Spain, which makes Barrio an appealing nightlife stop, at least until you wake up in the morning!

Sunbathe on the beaches

Whilst staying in your Costa Blanca property, you’ll obviously want to spend time on the beach. With over 244 kilometres of Costa Blanca coastline, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the sea breeze and get your toes in the sand.

The longest beach in the city is the San Juan de Alicante, which lies north of the town centre. With over 4 miles of sand, you’ll surely find a quiet sunny spot to kick back and relax. Some say this is one of the best beaches in the area, but you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

Another popular beach is La Granadella, located to the North of Costa Blanca. It has been voted Spain’s best beach twice, which may be due to its picturesque horseshoe bay and turquoise waters. The clear waters make this an ideal spot for snorkelers to see the seagrass beds and colourful fish, making this a very family-friendly spot. However, La Granadella is only a small beach at just 220 metres wide, so you’ll need to get there early to claim your spot.

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Party at local fiestas

If you’re lucky enough to own Costa Blanca property in Alicante, you will already be aware that almost every week there is a fiesta somewhere in town. Fiestas are traditional Spanish parties that are held often throughout the year and give a great excuse to eat, drink and have plenty of fun.

One of the best fiestas held in Alicante is the ‘bonfires of San Juan’. Every early June, Alicante celebrates the coming of summer by lighting huge bonfires in the countryside and celebrate through the night with music, colour and fireworks. Thousands of people throng the streets to experience this fiesta which pays tribute to fire and the summertime. Even though you may have missed the celebration this year, we can help you find a Spanish property in time for next year!

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Cost of living in Alicante

The cost of living in Alicante can vary depending on your lifestyle. However, many say that Alicante is relatively cheap, especially for food. On average, a decent restaurant meal can cost as little as $7. We understand that you might not want to dine out every night, but we’ve also found that it’s just as inexpensive to cook in your Spanish property as there’s an abundance of fresh food available at even cheaper prices at the daily central market.

It may also be a smart move to buy property in Costa Blanca as it is always in such high demand for tourists during the peak seasons. This means you could have the opportunity to rent your property when you don’t need it, and use the returns made to help pay for the property, or make your annual living spend decrease.

Find your dream Costa Blanca property in Alicante

Are you feeling tempted by a Spanish property in Alicante? This article has only highlighted a few of the benefits of living in Alicante and we know that there are many more for you to discover.

If a Costa Blanca property sounds like the perfect place for you, we’d be happy to help you with your property search. To get started on your Spanish property journey, why not book a Spanish property viewing trip? Our trips cost just £99 per person, and we’ll show you 8-10 Costa Blanca properties per day that match your budget and requirements.

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