Rental opportunity on a Spanish property


Housing in Spain has been confirmed as the ‘most attractive asset to invest in, achieving an average income of around 9.5%’, according to data from the Bank of Spain.

As tourist numbers in Spain continue to rise year on year, an increasing number of savvy Spanish property owners are renting their homes out to take advantage of all year round rental demand.

A Spanish property is an investment that pays!

Short term rentals from tourists and holidaymakers during busy times of the year offer Spanish properties owners attractive returns and are now outperforming longer term leases.

Malaga, among a few other provinces, was highlighted as an area which achieves some of the greatest returns on rent and the highest annual capital gains, according to a study by urbanData Analytics (uDA).

With a property in Spain, rental returns can contribute to yearly costs, communal fees or even help pay off your mortgage payments!

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