Rental Returns

Rental Returns on Spanish Property

Investing in a Spanish property does not only mean that you have a useable asset that you can enjoy with friends and family, but also you own property in one of the most popular European holiday destinations. If you wish to rent out your Spanish property, the rental returns can be significant.

Once you’ve viewed property in Spain and completed the purchase, if you decide that the rental route is one you wish to take, choosing the right property in the right location is key to ensuring a decent return on your investment. You have to be certain that renting out is the primary use for your property because what is perfect for you might not be ideal for a rent paying customer.



Why rent out your Spanish property?

Rental demand in Spain is at an all time high, the rental returns of your property should cover the annual running costs and create a surplus of money. These earnings can be used to pay for your flights and living costs when you want to go out and enjoy your property. Many people also use the rentals to help pay off a mortgage.

How much rental income can I expect?

How much rental return to expect from your property in Spain depends on a number of obvious variables including location and size of property.

3-6 months rental will normally return 4-8%.

When to let

Demand for good quality, desirable homes on the Costa’s comes from all over Europe. Many of these countries have different Bank Holidays, half terms, holiday periods & demands such as the Scandinavians like winter rentals for Golf.

The Costa Blanca, Murcia and Costa del Sol are all year destinations, with an average of 320 sunny days per year, made easily accessible thanks to daily low cost, budget flights and excellent transport routes when you arrive.

What the property needs

Your property will need to be well suited to accommodate a variety of guests. If you are looking for a property to rent out, we can introduce you to reputable, established local management & rental companies to assist you, please contact us for more details or advice.

We offer fantastic rental packages that can assist in paying off the mortgage. If you would like any further information or assistance, contact Spanish Legal Homes on 01202 971614.

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