Spain is the healthiest place to live in Europe!

Top 10 reasons to buy Spanish properties.

In case you needed more to convince you to move to Spain, here are our top reasons to buy Spanish property.

1. High life expectancy – Recent data from the OECD has shown that Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe and the second highest in the world! The average life expectancy in Spain is now 83.2 years old, only 0.2 years lower than world leader Japan’s 83.4.

2. Budget flights to Spanish Airports – Budget airlines offer cheap daily flights from all over Europe to Alicante and Murcia. More budget flights than ever will be flying into Spanish airports during 2017, making it even easier & cheaper to visit your home in the sun throughout the year.

3. Spanish Food – The famous ‘Mediterranean Diet’ can surely persuade you to go to Spain. The home of paella and tapas, Spanish cuisine is renowned worldwide. On top of this, Spain has noticeably lower food costs than the UK and benefits from local fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. Investment of a Spanish property – With UK Banks & Building Societies offering incredibly low rates on invested money, buying a home in Spain during 2017 could be a very shrewd financial move. A property used by yourselves, family & friends, then rented out for 3-6 months can potentially generate up to 4-8% investment returns. Spanish mortgages are also easily obtainable.

5. Life’s a beach – You can enjoy approximately 320 days of glorious sunshine a year! The days are brighter and longer all year round! Spain is widely regarded as having some of the finest, award winning sandy beaches stretching over 70 miles of coastline. With a multitude of Marinas and watersports to choose from, living near a Spanish beach sells itself.

6. Healthy lifestyle choice – According to The World Health Organisation, Spain is one of the healthiest places in the world for people with rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and heart-related problems. Thanks to the perfect dry micro-climate, many expats benefit from a noticeable improvement in their health.

7. World-class health care – If you are looking to retire in Spain but are worried about the uncertainty of your health or struggles you may encounter in old age, your mind can be kept at ease thanks to the excellent health care service. There are many new hospitals along the coast which provide exceptional medical care and 24-hour pharmacies offering medical advice with on the spot services.

8. Transport links – With 2 international Airports equidistant from most of our properties, you are normally no more than 30 minutes from either Alicante or Murcia Airport, making it an incredibly easy destination to get to. There is an excellent motorway network in Spain, plus low cost local public transport which makes travel simple when you are there.

9. Running costs for Spanish properties is low – The cost of living in areas like Costa Blanca are renowned for being low. Yearly property running costs are not expensive and thanks to locally sourced produce, the price of food is very reasonable.

10. Exceptional golf and sports facilities – There are many golf courses with low green fees and stunning locations. The Costa areas of Spain offer exceptional sports and social facilities to cater for all ages, most open throughout the year and at reasonable costs.

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