New Build Properties In Spain

Guide to Spanish new build properties

With Spain becoming increasingly popular with overseas buyers, many of the world’s top property developers are investing heavily into constructing new build homes in Spain.

For many people, avoiding the hassle of decorating or fully renovating a resale property and simply being able to move in is a huge benefit of Spanish new build properties.

Read on for more benefits, and to see a selection of our top Spanish new builds that are under construction or ready to buy now!

Key benefits of brand new Spanish properties:

Spanish new build properties

Opportunity to customise your property

New build property developments in Spain

The majority of new build properties are designed with very neutral, modern interiors – effectively giving you a blank canvas to decorate to your taste! Not only this, but as many new developments are available to reserve before construction ends, you have the opportunity (within reason) to amend the plans to suit your individual needs.

Whether you’d like to add a swimming pool to the garden, an en suite to the master bedroom, require the addition of accessibility features such as a ramp, or would simply like to be able to choose your own worktops and appliances, most developers will be very open to accommodating your requests.

Higher quality that comes with a guarantee

New build properties are required to be built to higher standards, and because of this come with a 10-year architect’s guarantee on the construction of the house, and a year’s warranty with regards to material.

Unfortunately, houses built in Spain in the 90s or earlier were not always held to such high standards. Buyers of these older properties could find themselves with surprise maintenance costs to factor in such as a boiler breaking, replacing single glazed windows or any other hidden issues.

Not having to worry about these additional costs for a good few years when buying a new build property in Spain can give you peace of mind and save you money!

Quality new builds in spain
New build apartments in Spain

Location, location, location

In order to appeal to buyers, new build property developments in Spain are often located in prime, up and coming areas. They will usually benefit from convenient locations close to local amenities such as shops, restaurants, pharmacies etc., and good transport links.

Due to the popularity of new build properties with expat buyers, by default, the complexes also often develop a strong sense of community with like-minded residents. This is particularly true for new developments such as small apartment blocks where there will often be shared gardens and a pool, allowing you to get to know your neighbours.

New build property variety

There are Spanish new build properties to suit all tastes and requirements. When it comes to apartments, these can vary from 1 to 3+ bedrooms, and even ultra-modern designs can go for as little as £89,000! Recently we’ve seen an increase in demand for luxury, low-rise apartment blocks, where the landscaped communal gardens aren’t overshadowed by towering buildings that block out the sun.

When it comes to villas, new build designs really come into their own. Often with unique architecture, their own private pools, rooftop solariums and the latest features, brand new villas are springing up all over the place. Our clients most commonly wish to view 3-bed, new build villas.

Spanish new build villas

Sustainability and eco-friendly features

With all of the buzz around climate change, and everyone looking to reduce their monthly outgoings, many new build properties now utilise the latest eco-friendly technologies as standard.

It’s now an expectation rather than a bonus for property developers to minimise their impact on the environment without increasing property prices. Eco-friendly properties are now often no more expensive than any other property.

Examples of eco-friendly features found in many of our new build properties include:

  • Utilising natural materials in the build
  • Smart insulation
  • Solar panels
  • Energy-saving appliances
  • Eco heating and cooling systems

Spanish new build property viewing trips

If you think that a new build property in Spain could be the right decision for you, the next thing on your to-do list should be to view some in person! Viewing these stunning properties online simply does not do them justice.

Since 1985, we’ve been running 3-4 day, all inclusive Spanish property viewing trips in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Murcia. For just £99 per person, a member of our friendly, expert team will show you 8-10 newly built properties per day that perfectly suit your requirements and budget.

Spanish property viewing trip itinery

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