Spanish property bargains – how to find your ideal Spanish property

Genuine Spanish property bargains do exist although the process of finding them can be almost impossible for an individual without an extensive knowledge of the Spanish property market. Therefore to stand the best chance of grabbing a Spanish property bargain you should seek the guidance of a reputable Spanish property agent, such as Spanish Legal Homes.

At Spanish Legal Homes, we have helped over 10,000 people to safely purchase a property in Spain and continue daily to help UK buyers find their perfect home abroad, at a price that represents good value for money.

Read on for some proven steps and advice that can really help in ensuring your search for Spanish property bargains goes well.

Choose a reputable agent, and ensure that they know your requirements

Buying property through an established agent is the safest way to not only find your dream property at a great price but to ensure that your purchase is completed correctly and is 100% legal. A reputable Spanish property agent should understand your needs and only show you property that suits your requirements, including budget, and any essential property criteria.

They should be able to demonstrate real knowledge and experience of the local property market, and the key amenities available in each location, which will mean they will be able to show you great properties that are within your budget.

At Spanish Legal Homes our experienced and friendly team are all bilingual and have worked in the property market for many years.  Take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients say.

Research the regions in Spain that suit your budget

When looking for your ideal Spanish property bargain, it’s worth bearing in mind how much the property values vary location to location.  You can narrow down your search dramatically by doing some research on the different areas beforehand.

For example, good quality holiday properties in Costa Blanca can go for as little as €120,000.  The affordable properties, from stunning detached villas to contemporary apartment complexes, combined with the award winning white beaches and easily accessible flights from the UK make Costa Blanca a firm favourite for expats.  In addition to the purse-friendly prices, Costa Blanca is also home to large salt lakes, and benefits from a dry microclimate that is highly beneficial for those with rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and heart-related problems.

Many expats see a noticeable improvement in their health upon spending time in Costa Blanca.

Another popular location for those looking for Spanish property bargains is Murcia. The Costa Calida, the 250km stretch of coastline in Murcia, is rapidly gaining the attention of overseas buyers due to its reasonable property prices, starting at €100,000, and laid-back lifestyle. The area features a wealth of history and traditional Spanish culture that is perfect for those looking for an immersive yet relaxing Spanish experience.

View the property before you buy

Looking for your dream Spanish property bargain online is really exciting, but for serious buyers, it is essential to go to Spain ASAP to view properties. This is because properties advertised online change daily, with the best ones tending to not hang around for long.

Also, searching for Spanish properties on the web won’t allow you to gain a true insight into the build quality of the property, the location/area that the property is in, and how well it could suit your personal needs.

. At Spanish Legal Homes we provide weekly ‘all inclusive’ viewing trips to Spain for just £99pp, allowing UK and European buyers to view 8-10 properties per day that suit their requirements and budget whilst also exploring the local area. This way you can get a real feel for the property’s location and size, and decide if it’s truly the property for you!

If you have any questions about buying a property in Spain, are looking to find out more about Spanish property bargains, or are interested in booking a viewing trip, please get in touch with our expert team on 01202 971614 or email