The highlights of spending the colder months in your Spanish property

When you picture yourself enjoying your time in your Spanish property, you’ll probably see yourself in sunglasses, sipping sangria, and strolling along the beach in shorts and flip-flops.

While summer is absolutely great in Spain, there are also plenty of benefits of staying in your property to enjoy the autumn and winter months too. This article covers some of the highlights of spending the colder months in your Spanish property and how you can find your dream property in Spain with Spanish Legal Homes.

1. The weather

For those of you who struggle to enjoy Spain’s sweltering summers, the cooler months can come as a welcome relief. Despite the fact that the temperatures do drop, most regions of Spain are still warmer than many northern countries in Europe. This means you’ll still be able to enjoy sunny and bright days but in a much more refreshing temperature.

It has even been said that the autumn and winter months are the best times to venture out of your Spanish property and really explore the cities. For example, Costa Blanca, which has an average temperature of 30 degrees in the summer, can often feel like an oven! However, towards the end of the year, it cools down to about 18-20 degrees and becomes an inviting city with mild weather. This gives you the perfect atmosphere to properly explore the city and even still enjoy a meal outside if you want!

2. The food

As soon as the temperature drops, it’s nice to cosy up to some warm Spanish cuisine, that you may not have felt like eating in the hotter summer months. Spaniards love their seasonal foods, so instead of the refreshing gazpacho you might be used to, you’ll have the chance to try something like ‘crema de calabaza’ (cream of pumpkin soup) or treat yourself to something sweeter like churros with warm chocolate dipping sauce.

The colder months are famously known for being wild mushroom season in Spain, so why not grab a basket and spend a fun day foraging for some tasty fungi to cook back in your Spanish property? Many Spanish towns hold mushroom picking and tasting events, like the ‘Fungi Fest’ in Ezcaray and La Rioja, which runs in October and November, and holds workshops on cooking mushrooms and more.

To learn more about Spanish cuisine, read our article on the top 10 foods to try in your Spanish property.

3. Vineyards

Did you know that Spain has the biggest vineyard surface in the world? Spain’s extremely varied climate and smaller ´micro-climates’ make it the perfect country for growing different kinds of grapes for all sorts of wines. This means that Spain has a huge variety of beautiful vineyard landscapes to explore.

You may have missed the wine harvest this year, which usually takes place in early September, but the end of the year is a fantastic time to tour some of the popular wine regions. Each region in Spain has something different to offer such as winery architecture and design, vineyard patterns, the local food produce to accompany the wine, and of course, the wine itself.

Popular wine regions include:

  • Barcelona
  • Malaga
  • Jerez de la Frontera
  • Madrid
  • Navarre
  • Rueda & Toro
  • Ribera del Duero
  • Rioja

It might be worth heading to one of these regions for a glimpse into the age-old wine-making traditions.

4. Fewer tourists

After being overwhelmed by a record number of tourists flooding to Spain each year, it can be a relief to see quieter pavements, free tables at cafes and shorter queues to see famous sites. If you’ve decided to spend the cooler months in your Spanish property this year, you’ll get to experience the quieter side to Spain.

Spain generally sees a huge drop in the number of foreign visitors in autumn after peaking in the summer, with the number of tourists dropping by a third on average. It is also a common time for people to rent out their Spanish properties to make returns on their investments. So now may be a good time to travel a bit more around the country or visit one of Spain’s world-renowned museums without the headache of too many tourists.

Finding your dream Spanish property with Spanish Legal Homes

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